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We will regularly update this page with stories and events that are of interest to our clients.


Since 2002 we have been based near Monflanquin Dept 47.
Due to an increasing demand we have had to move to larger premises at Montayral.
This helps us to be more efficient and reduce our runing costs as we can order materials to be delivered direct to us, and store them in the depot, reducing time going to collect goods. We are also a few hundred yards from the tip and Point P builders merchants, thus reducing time going out of our way to dump rubbish or to collect materials should they not be in our depot.
We are also closer to the departmental roads affording us shorter traveling time to our projects in Agen, Bergerac, Cahors and Marmande.
We were told that this is an achievement in these difficult economic times, and we were asked how we managed it.
I explained that it was possibly due to good planning and organization of projects, attention to detail, competitive pricing, and having the ability to manage the whole project from planning application to handover.
We have found when you have this ability your customers recommend you to others, and keep coming back themselves. This is the case as we have clients with us after 11 years of first working for them.
We would welcome an invitation to come and meet you and discuss your requirements.
Call us now on 05 53 36 64 42 or 06 30 66 79 34

November 20013


At Astruc Renovations we are always happy to help, and flexible in our approach.
Last month a new client was moving from England to Castelsagrat in dept 82 and wanted a low cost solution to a storage problem. They had seen a timber garage for sale at Castorama in Agen, but not speaking or reading French too well they did not know how to order it on line.
We ordered the garage ( and a lawn mower! ) for them. On the order we put our contact details so that the delivery driver could call us for directions to the property as it was not easy to find, even with a sat nav.
The following day we erected the garage upon the concrete base we had prepared for them a few weeks earlier.
Before all of this we had applied for planning with the local Marie for the garage construction while the new owners were still in England.

If you would like us to help you make your move easier why not call us now? We are always happy to help!

05 53 36 64 42 06 30 66 79 34

August 2013


The arrival of a new van

We are happy to announce the arrival of a new vehicle to be added to the small fleet.
Is it going to cost you more if we have new vans for work?
The simple answer is NO. Let me explain.

Before moving to France I was the Managing Director and major share holder of a contract property maintenance company. I thought it was prudent to purchase vans at 3ys old and running them for about 4yrs. The fleet of about 22 was made up of various sized vans to a 7.5 ton HGV tipper lorry.
After studying the total running costs of the fleet, I discovered that I could run brand new vans for less per month than the old ones. This was mainly due to the high repair bills. Not only did we loose money on down time when a van broke down especially if 2 operatives were in the van, but it also destroyed our planning schedule.

Covering the areas we do from Bergerac to Agen, Marmande to Cahors we need to be able to rely on our transport.

We apply the same principle today, so that not only does it provide a professional image but it assists us in keeping our costs competitive and we can arrive normally without mechanical problems on the way thus keeping a good continuity of production. This aids us to complete your project on time.

Why not give us a call and benefit from our professional approach?
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June 2013


The Benefits of Decennale AssuranceI

t is a legal requirement in France that all construction companies ( including sole traders) guarantee their work for 10 years. This is done by the company taking out a decennale assurance, and even if the company ceases trading you will be protected.
Ask to see a copy of their assurance and check that it is in date and that all the trades are covered. Do not take the contractors word for it that he is insured see it in writing!

If a contractor/client makes a claim the contractors premiums rise and eventually if claims are continually made they will not be able to get insurance. Thus if a contractor states he has never had a claim and does not need insurance beware, possibly they are uninsurable!!!!!!!!!!!

Reputable contractors abide by the law and provide you with assurance.

Although Astruc Renovations have a high standard of workmanship things do not always go to plan.
Recently a swimming pool that we completed 5 years ago started to loose water. Even though the house had been sold it was covered and we were able to rectify the leak. The works were carried out without making a claim as it was a simple repair, but had it been more serious all parties had peace of mind.

Call us now so that you can be assured of having peace of mind

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February 2013

Continual development

We are always looking for ways to improve our already high standards of workmanship.
We are proud of our standard of finish.
A good standard does not come cheap, and as commented on earlier we are always drawn to a seemingly cheaper/better deal.
With this in mind we have invested over 3000.00 euros in a finishing machine to cut down on labour time and maintain a high finish to the walls.
This will make us more competitive by reducing the labour time and this saving can be passed on to you, providing you with a quality finish at a reduced price.
We would be happy to demonstrate this process should you be interested.
We look forward to meeting with you in the near future to discuss any future proposed plans.

October 2012

How long does it take to build a Swimming Pool?

I was disappointed last April 2011 to miss out on the opportunity to estimate for constructing a swimming pool in the department 46, which is not too far from château de Bonaguil in department 47. We had provided estimates for the renovation of two bathrooms, a kitchen and various new doors windows, brickwork, plastering and tiling etc

The reason why they did not ask us for an estimate was that we could not make a start until the summer of 2011 and they wanted to be using it in 2011, thus asked for an estimate from a company who could start sooner.

Our work started about the same time as the French pool company with the bathrooms to start with and as the year progressed we were given additional works which we completed in the agreed time frame. When we left site the pool was still being constructed.

Nearly a year later in April 2012 they asked me to call around as they had some other works they needed costing. I was amazed to see the pool unfinished! They had just had a meeting an hour earlier with the company and they were not sure if it would be completed this year. How very disappointing!

Why not call Astruc Renovations and avoid being disappointed. We are happy for you to speak to our previous clients from all over SW France from Cahors, Agen, Marmande, Bergerac. Villeneuve-sur-Lot. We will not keep you waiting!

Call us now for free and friendly advise. 05 53 36 64 42 06 30 66 79 34

April 2012


Do it cheap, do it TWICE!

Today more than ever we are looking to get the best deal, and quite rightly so!
This begs the question, Is cheaper better?

When we go to buy a car or washing machine it is easy to get a price comparison between one supplier and another. You know that you will get ‘what it says on the box.’ They all come from the same factory it’s just the supplier who will reduce his mark up to sell it cheaper than another store.

Building, and particularly renovation is totally different. Why?

You have little control over quality as the finished product is carried out by hand. You rely that the contractor will build level, plumb, square, with attention to detail and finish. Added to this you hope the products they use are an approved standard and applied correctly.

Let me provide you with two illustrations where the client lost control, and paid twice

1st Example.
We were asked to price for retiling an external patio and steps leading up from the road. The client found a cheaper contractor.
About a year later I drove past the house and noticed that the tiles were coming loose and some had dropped off the steps.
The contractor had carried out the works no doubt cheaper, using the same tiles as I would have supplied, but due to poor preparation and probably using the cheaper internal tile adhesive the tiles came loose.

The result is that the work needs redoing, thus doing it cheap = doing it twice

2nd Example.
We were unsuccessful on a renovation project of a house and barn totalling about 300m2
Around two years later I was re-contacted by the owner and asked us to price for renewing a section of roof.
I asked why they had not asked the original contractor to price the roof.
They were not happy with the works they had carried out, and did not want them to do any more work on their house.
When we commenced stripping the roof it was discovered that the original contractor had fixed the ceiling board directly to the tile laths, and not the spars by means of purpose made hangers. This meant that as we stripped the roof the whole ceiling fell in.
Also it was discovered the electrics could not be connected to the EDF supply, and the house has to be totally rewired.
The boiler installation did not conform to regulations, and I will not bore you with never ending list of general problems associated with the rest of the works.

How do you find a good contractor to provide value for money?

You have!

Call us now for a fair priced quality renovation. 05 53 36 64 42

Talk to our long list of satisfied customers, and allow me to show you around some of our projects.

February 2012

Customer Care

I was speaking to a French lady this month that was brought up in Paris, later lived in England, but is currently living and working in Toulouse for Rolls Royce who supply the engines for Air Bus.
I asked her where she would live when her contract finished in Toulouse. Her reply was England.
I asked why would a Parisian prefer England?
She said “In France customer service doesn’t exist. For instance our internet has been down for over a month, and they just don’t care.”
Her reply reminded me of when I was so annoyed when I first came to France that I had arranged to meet an electrician on a job and he never arrived, or telephoned to say he was going to be late or not coming at all. I related this to my French teacher at the time who looked at me and said “they never turn up when they say they do, its normal”
Well that will not do for Astruc Renovations. I wanted to develop a company that was dependable and provided a quality project on time. I had achieved this before in the UK. My company had an ISO 9002 accreditation for quality service delivery.
Why don’t you give me a call and benefit personally from our dedication to quality and customer care?

Andrew Faraday 05 53 36 64 42 or 06 30 66 79 34

If it is an answer phone we WILL return your call !

November 2011

A happy ever after story

Currently we are extending a pretty house in the Lot 46 which has been owned by a family for some years. The property was rather basic and had not seen a lot of attention by way of maintenance as the owners have been occupied with their UK home, bringing up a family and their accountancy practice.

Now their attentions are focused on bringing their secondary residence in France into a more comfortable condition, as the children are older, and their business and UK home are well established.

This was not achieved with out a lot of effort by all concerned. They had a lovely idea of creating an extension onto the original house, which provided them with an extra 120m2 of extra living accommodation, without loosing the loving and intimate feeling the property has as it settled nicely in 17hecteres of woodland away from all activity. Seclusion and tranquillity is its theme. The perfect retreat.

The problem was that the planning at the Marie was approved, but when it reached the regional office of planning it was rejected. The reason was it was too large an extension in relation to the original foot print. All their plans of a larger home had been dashed.

We sat down and worked out a plan that allowed them to have a garage and an open eating area ( not suitable for habitation ) and a bedroom. The planning department would have to approve of this, and they did. They also agreed that when the build was complete we could convert the non habitable areas into living accommodation. So in the end all were happy!

With ASTRUC RENOVATONS your dreams will come true!

Call us now for a no obligation quote, or just a friendly chat and advice

October 2011